Buried City Experience

Tours to the Buried City are now a part of the itinerary of every tour operator on Montserrat but we guarantee you this tour as seen through Scriber’s Adventures will be one you will tell the grandchildren about.

Whether you’re a curious historian, novice geologist or inquisitive traveler, Scriber has got a story for you. His unique perspective on the events before and during the eruptions at the Soufriere Hills Volcano makes for some hair-raising moments and lots of food for thought.

Tour Length: 4 hours


  • Virtual Reality Experience of Plymouth before the eruptions (15 mins per person) – Please indicate if you suffer from motion sickness before agreeing to do this.
  • Visit to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (Includes a 25-minute video)
  • Visit to the Buried City of Plymouth (Wear comfortable and closed shoes) Dust masks are available upon request.
  • Stop for lunch or drinks at a local eatery. (Cost not included in the price of this tour)

People: We do one-on-one tours and groups. Maximum 30 people.

* Children must be over 12.

This Tour Includes:

  • Pick up and return to the ferry or your accommodations
  • Cost of Entry to the MVO
  • Cost of Entry to Plymouth
  • Cost of Virtual Reality Experience

Availability: Contact us for prices and to reserve your dates

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