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There is nothing better I enjoy than introducing residents and visitors to the secrets hidden in my Emerald Isle Montserrat.

I want each person who takes a hike with me, a boat tour or a historic trek into the past to fall in love with my home.

Welcome to Montserrat.

James “Scriber” Daley



The beauty of a Scriber’s Adventures tour is that no two are ever alike and even if you take the same trail you have taken before, you are guaranteed to see something different and learn something new.

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Uncover a Treasure

If you are now discovering Montserrat then you have come to the best place to find not just a professional guide but the source of some amazing stories which will make this gem of an island come to life.

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Little Hikers

Scriber’s Adventures loves to introduce little children to the wonders of nature.¬†Each year students from the local community nursery schools come hiking with us.