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Address: Scriber’s Adventures & Tours, Woodlands, Montserrat, W.I.

Tel:1-664-491-3412 or 1-664-492-2943


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7 Responses to Contact Us

  1. mark finn says:

    Hi Scriber,

    Mark contacting you about our day in November, is it possible to move the trip to November 14th (not 15th). Regarding flights if we use Montserrat Air the flight arrives 1120 departs 1630, is this enough time to see the island specials, if not there is another flight leaving from Antigua at 0700 arrive 0720. Which flight would you advise, can you get back to me shortly

    many thanks


  2. I am delighted to see this initiative from such a great champion of the biodiversity of Montserrat. Scriber expertly showed me my first mountain chickens and Montserrat orioles and is a superb guide and ambassador for Montserrat.

  3. Jackie White says:

    We are four adults that would like to take a natural history tour of Montserrat later this week, perhaps Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. We are currently in Antigua and will either fly or take the ferry over.

    We would like to spend the night on Montserrat and take a birding tour as well as a night tour. Are you available for tours on any of those days? What time are you available and what is the cost?

    Also, we are having difficulty finding accommodations. Do you have any recommendations for a place to stay?

  4. Hilde Blake says:

    Hello Scriber’s Adventure Tours

    thank you for organising the Round- The- Island- Tour during theWeek of St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations this year, 2015. Very professional and full of dedication to Montserrat.

    Greetings from Dortmund, Germany
    Hilde Blake

  5. arison bonilla says:

    buenas tardes de pues de un cordial saludo me dirijo a ustedes por que me interesa realizar un viaje turĂ­stico

  6. Sam Henley says:

    We arrive to Antigua on Saturday evening (3 December). We will be there for a week.
    We are interested in touring Soufriere Hills Volcano and read on Trip Advisor that you provide an excellent tour. So we are definitely interested.
    Would you describe the tour a bit? i.e.
    – What is time spent driving?
    – How much walking is involved and how difficult is it?
    – How close to Plymouth can we go?
    – Do we need to bring our own drinking water?
    Finally, what is the cost?

    Thank you so kindly,

  7. Remy says:

    What could you organise as a day treck around the island, Plymouth and the volcano for 10 people (including kids from 11 to 16th) around December 23rd ?
    We would stand in a boat moored in the west coast.
    Thank you very much for your reply.

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